About Aletheia Creation

An essential luxury that’s handmade in the U.S with love.
Aletheia Creation is an online purveyor of beautiful, handmade jewelry inspired by nature. Our jewelry embodies a feminine sophistication and grace for the modern woman. Our creations exude a sense of luxury and are incredibly versatile.

Despite their luxurious look, our jewelry feels light and natural when worn. They have quickly become a staple in the wardrobes of our happy customers.

All items can be ordered as earrings or as a pendant, with or without a necklace. All earring wires and pendant bails are made of surgical stainless steel.

Treat yourself and your loved ones with one of a kind pieces of nature today!
100% natural, ethical, sustainable and unique.

Each material that goes into our jewelry is 100% naturally, ethically and sustainably sourced. Each piece of dried leaf or petal is handpicked from nature and handmade with love. As the materials are naturally occurring, there may be slight variations to each piece compared to the product photos on our website.
The majority of the flowers we use are locally grown. We press our own flowers in our own hand designed flower presses. We do not dye or enhance our flowers in any way. Fading is a natural part of the flowers’ life cycle, resulting from solar radiation. The flowers’ saturation will fade somewhat over a period of several years, creating more of an “antique” look. Please keep them out of direct sunlight in your displays as well as at home to prolong their color.
Due to the seasonal nature of the plants used in the process, not all of the items are available at all times. We appreciate your understanding.
Our customers drive our passion.
Our customers are the driving force behind our company. We treat every customer as an extension of our family; therefore we seek to only create beautiful handmade jewelry that you will love.


About The Artist

Aletheia Creation is the concept by Marise Miville, who is the jewelry designer who makes each pieces with her hands. Her designs carry a certain class and gracefulness and are beautifully crafted at the same time. Her work defines simplicity and nature’s perfect uniqueness.

The most desirable thing about her handmade designs is the easiness with which we can carry them off and are wearable at every occasion. It is definitely the most unique gift you can give to your sister, mother or friends and she sure will remember it as a lovely memory for life.

Marise, the artist is a Native American artist in the Seattle area. She has a creative approach towards life and gets inspired by simplicity found in most complex materials which helps her to create wearable accessories. She works in different mediums such as fiber, metal, beadwork and resin and combine these for the creation of sophisticated and elegant ways in her work.

Her designs are whimsical, unique and edgy at the same time. She creates pieces of jewelry from petals, leaves and other such elements which represent beauty of nature. One can say that she uses these elements to dignify and give due respect to nature which enhances exquisiteness, loveliness and value to her jewels. She hopes to pep up her process of artistic approach towards life and make more such pieces.

Her designs are stunning enough to be worn on everyday life but refined enough to compliment your evening outfit.

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